GRAD 5114 Post 4: Digital Pedagogy

Digital pedagogy is the study and use of digital technologies in teaching and learning. Some people will misunderstand the digital pedagogy and online teaching. During this pandemic, most of teaching activities are moved online and the online teaching is not equal to the digital pedagogy. On the contrary, I would view digital pedagogy as a study, indicating we need to spend years and efforts learning it. An instructor needs some training before he/she is assigned to a teaching activities. Similarly, we become digital pedagogues by spending many years to researching, participating, writing and presenting on digital pedagogies. We are living in a technological world and use modern technologies everyday, every hour and every minute but we can not overestimate the digital pedagogy. The most important factor in teaching is still human being rather than the technologies.

As an instructor for undergraduate course, I also prefer using digital technologies to help students understand with a condition that technologies should be combined with the content. If the traditional way can be good enough for students to understand, then more digital way is redundant. However, during this special pandemic time, digital pedagogy has been proved quite useful and important. Those who combine their teaching philosophy with digital pedagogy have great advantages in teaching online. When I prepare my materials, I try my best to apply digital technologies into teaching materials, such as GIF and videos. All these digital ways are presented after students have a clear mind about what we are learning. I would view those digital technologies as a way of strengthening students’ impressions rather than some fancy way for fun.

In a fast changing world, the only does not change is the change itself. Therefore, it is necessary and essential for every instructor to be trained for the digital pedagogy. Without years of training and study, instructors are not eligible for digital pedagogy. As a new and junior instructor, I am open to all kinds of digital technologies and would be eagerly to combine the digital pedagogy with my teaching philosophy. Again, the key factor that determines the outcome and quality of teaching is the teaching philosophy rather than the technologies.

Published by Zhenyu

The third-year Ph.D. student from the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at Virginia Tech.

One thought on “GRAD 5114 Post 4: Digital Pedagogy

  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I think you make a compelling point about quality of teaching being tied to one’s teaching philosophy rather than the technology used. I relate to your zest for teaching and learning because we are both novices to teaching. I made a point in my post about needing to unlearn ways of teaching each semester because what worked for one class may not work for another class. This makes me think about our classmate’s comment in class last week about one of their classes performing really well and the other class performing below average. In class, we talked about ways to assess students’ perceptions of how they thought the learning process could be more effective. I think this is along the lines of digital pedagogy because we were actively, as educators, helping our peer come up with unique/creative ways to better understand the group of students who were not doing well in their online course.


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