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Welcome to my ePortfolio and blog. My name is Zhenyu Yao, a third-year Ph.D. candidate from the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics in Virginia Tech. My major is agricultural economics and my interests include environmental and energy economics, and Bayesian econometric. Currently, I am working on two research projects. One is the environmentally friendly public transportation in Europe and the other one is the water pollution in New England, United States.

GRAD 5114 Post 6: Reflections

What is the contemporary pedagogy? Well, it is a complex topic and hard to answer. As a new instructor this semester, I would say contemporary pedagogy is an innovative idea that will be updated in different eras. During the pandemic situation, the teaching methods are quite different from the usual times. Students are experiencing newContinue reading “GRAD 5114 Post 6: Reflections”

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