GRAD 5114 Post 6: Reflections

What is the contemporary pedagogy? Well, it is a complex topic and hard to answer. As a new instructor this semester, I would say contemporary pedagogy is an innovative idea that will be updated in different eras. During the pandemic situation, the teaching methods are quite different from the usual times. Students are experiencing newContinue reading “GRAD 5114 Post 6: Reflections”

GRAD 5114 Post 5: Critical Pedagogy

Critical pedagogy is a teaching philosophy that enables students to ask questions and challenge domination and help them strengthen their beliefs and practices in that field. The ultimate objective of higher education is to enhance students’ critical thinking and form their own ideas. Actually, critical thinking is really important and essential in higher education. InContinue reading “GRAD 5114 Post 5: Critical Pedagogy”

GRAD 5114 Post 4: Digital Pedagogy

Digital pedagogy is the study and use of digital technologies in teaching and learning. Some people will misunderstand the digital pedagogy and online teaching. During this pandemic, most of teaching activities are moved online and the online teaching is not equal to the digital pedagogy. On the contrary, I would view digital pedagogy as aContinue reading “GRAD 5114 Post 4: Digital Pedagogy”

GRAD 5114 Post 3: Cased-Based Pedagogy

Cased-Based learning (CBL) is a method in which students can develop their skills, analytical thinking and reflective judgments by reading and discussing the complex and real-life scenarios. In CBL, students are often provided with some examples related to the lecture notes and discuss within a small group so that they can communicate and exchange theirContinue reading “GRAD 5114 Post 3: Cased-Based Pedagogy”

GRAD 5114 Post 2: Inclusive Pedagogy

As teachers or instructors, we always want to our class to be in a good learning environment for all students. Inclusive pedagogy is a method that instructors and classmates work together to create a creative and supportive environment in which everyone has the equal access to learn. I realize it personally when I finally teachContinue reading “GRAD 5114 Post 2: Inclusive Pedagogy”

GRAD 5114 Post 1: Discover the authentic teaching style

As a instructor for the undergraduates, I keep discovering my own true teaching style. Before being a instructor, I have been a TA for undergraduates and graduates. However, there are great differences between the TA and instructor. As a TA, the main job is to follow what instructor has taught and then solve problems forContinue reading “GRAD 5114 Post 1: Discover the authentic teaching style”

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